Top picture worthy spots in Venice

Are you looking for a stunning photo as a memento of your holiday in Venice but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 absolutely marvelous spots to immortalize your stay in the city!

St. Mark’s square: with the wonderful background of the city’s main church, you’re sure to take an amazing photo! Just like other Italian squares, many tourists also like to include the pigeons by giving them food right from their hands.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo: although St. Mark’s belfry is surely the best panoramic spot in all Venice, Scala Contarini del Bovolo is without doubt the second. Being less crowded, some people actually prefer it to the church’s bell tower.

The Canal Grande (from above): it’s without doubt the most known symbol of Venice. With its colourful historical palaces on both sides, it’s crossed only by four bridges, which are the best spots for your photos.

Gondolas and canals: renting a Gondola is surely an experience that all tourists coming to Venice need to try at least once! Explore the little canals on a gondola and take some breathtaking pics!

The Rialto Bridge: the beautiful and iconic bridge can be a good background for a pic taken from the nearby docks or, better even, from a Gondola ride.

The Bridge of Sighs: although really small and with a tragic backstory, the Bridge of Sighs is full of beauty and history. It’s a very popular spot, so you may even find a queue for taking the pic.

Murano’s glassworks: amongst the islands surrounding Venice, Murano is proud of its glassmaking tradition. Any glass piece is worth a picture.

Colourful houses in Burano: to walk along the canals in Burano it’s like looking at a rainbow of houses. The island is pretty small, so you can easily find a place away from the crowd to take a beautiful photo.