Top 5 Murano glass venues in Venice

Murano is an island very close to Venice and known worldwide for its particular glassmaking tradition. The history of glassmaking in Murano is actually a thousand years old, and the techniques and knowledge of the master Venetian glassmakers have passed through centuries unchanged.

You too can take a piece of the Muranese history at home by buying one of the stunning artworks sold anywhere in Venice. You can find beads to make beautiful jewels, as well as vases, glasses, and chandeliers.

The Mazzega Factory: located in Murano offers visitors some of the finest glassware in Venice. As well as being able to purchase their pieces, you can also watch their skilled glassmakers demonstrate their craft by creating them in front of you in their glass factories.

Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso: it’s the oldest glass factory in Murano, responsible for a revival in Murano’s artistic glassmaking. Its store showcases elegant pieces from many artists.

Seguso Viro: Seguso Viro prides itself on being able to intertwine innovation with tradition. Their chromatic experiments play a big part in distinguishing it from other Murano manifacturers.

Carlo Moretti: founded in 1958 by the Moretti brothers, the company has since then produced high-end elegant glassware. Their mouth-blown pieces are then finished and retouched by hand, which makes them unique.

Linea Murano Art: the Linea Murano Art gallery displays a collection of hand-picked glassware creations. Visitors to their store are able to buy items crafted by many glass artists, as well as enjoy a guided tour of the establishment.

There’s nothing more to say, Murano is a unique island, no matter where one looks!