“Bacaro tour” in Venice

Bacaro tour (c) Kvitka Fabian, Shutterstock.com
Bacaro tour (c) Kvitka Fabian, Shutterstock.com
The city’s “bacari”, small bars, where locals pop in for a glass of wine and a snack are an integral part of Venetian tradition.  It's a a great way to tour the city while indulging in a unique tasting experience.

Regardless of the weather, one of the Venetians’ favourite pastimes, both in summer and winter, is a ‘bacaro tour’.  So what’s a bacaro? In Venice, a bacaro is an unusual type of locale: often in cramped surroundings but full of life. A bacaro is a bar (but don’t call it this when talking to a Venetian) that serves classical spritzes, glasses of red or white wine and “cicchetti”. Cicchetti are typical Venetian snacks to be eaten while sipping a glass of wine and gossiping with friends.

Each bacaro has its own menu of cicchetti, including crostini topped with meat, fish or vegetables but also “polpette” (meatballs) made with meat, fish or cheese. After ordering one or two cicchetti at the counter, it’s customary to exit the bacaro, glass in hand, and continue your conversation on the street. After a while, it’s time to move on to another locale to sample different specialties. People often make arrangements to meet after work, promising themselves just one Spritz and one cicchetto before dinner, only to find themselves ending up at three different bacari with no appetite for dinner. However, the bacaro tour is also an experience that can be enjoyed by visitors to Venice. All that’s needed is a desire to try new food and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Depending on tastes and budgets, you can indulge in a variety of experiences. The tour also caters to Vegans and Vegetarians and children are welcome although underage drinking is not permitted. Tours generally start at around 6pm and last for a few hours.