Thursday, October 21, 2021
Thursday, October 21, 2021

Piazza di Spagna, the set of Roman Holiday

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Besides visiting the Colosseum and the most important Roman remains, almost everyone when thinking of Rome dreams of himself walking along the spectacular staircase leading to Piazza di Spagna, especially for everyone who has seen “Roman Holiday”.

The scenes of the blockbuster movie from 1953 starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck riding the iconic Vespa were shot right in this square!

The staircase, considered the most famous one in the world, with its sinuous flight of steps (up to 136) is indeed the most characteristic element of the square. Piazza di Spagna, whose name derives from the presence of the Spanish Embassy from the early 17th century, is located amidst some of the most loved works of art in Rome such as the graceful Fountain of the Barcaccia by Bernini and the beating heart of shopping. Via Condotti, but also via del Babuino, two of the city’s must-go streets for luxury shopping enthusiasts are just a stone’s throw from the Piazza.

Piazza di Spagna occupies a special place also in the hearts of fashion lovers, serving as the backdrop – often during the summer months – to prestigious fashion shows in which models descend 136 of the nearby staircase dressed in wonderful creations by Italian designers. To enjoy the best the Eternal city has to offer, climb the stairs of the long staircase for a fantastic view of the city – but not before stopping to take a picture of the characteristic obelisk – and visit the stunning church of Trinità dei Monti at the very top.

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