The magnificent Duomo and its Terraces

Duomo di Milano
Duomo di Milano
This wonderful Gothic cathedral of pink Candoglia marble - whose construction took six hundred years, from 1386 to 1965 - is Milan's most striking landmark.

Not only it’s the third-largest cathedral in Europe, but also a treasure trove of art: stained glass windows adorn its lofty interiors, its façade and terraces are equally impressive and home to breathtaking statues, and last but not least the spires and pinnacles. Not everyone knows that a statue found here was the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty in New York. The 19th-century statue of the ‘Legge Nuova’ (the New Law) with a torch and spiked crown, is located above the main door, on the left side of the balcony.


One of the city’s most intriguing attractions to experience at least once in a lifetime is a tour of the Duomo Terraces, especially around sunset. Dominating the top of the city from a height of 70 meters, the Duomo Terraces offer a breathtaking view over the Milanese skyline. Because of it, the so-called Fabbrica del Duomo offers visitors a chance to access the Rooftop Terraces in thet summertime, with extended visiting hours from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.


After climbing the 251 steps or taking the elevator on the left side of the cathedral, the majesty of the Terraces is revealed, offering visitors an unmatched panoramic view, and a chance to wander amidst flying buttresses, pink Candoglia marble spires, and statues depicting saints and other religious and historical figures. The tour, reserved for small groups, also offers a unique opportunity to admire the golden Madonnina close-up, to discover the Duomo from a different perspective, and to learn about the secrets behind its Gothic architecture from professional guides.


For everyone coming to Milan, a visit to the cathedral is a must!