Tips for sales in Italy

Sales in Italy
Sales in Italy

January and July are the eagerly-awaited months marking the beginning of the sales in Italy (dates differing slightly depending on which region you happen to be in): boutiques fill to overflowing with customers unable to resist the temptation of taking advantage of the discounts of on-trend collections.

If you’ve forfeited making important purchases while waiting for the sales to begin, then now is the time to indulge, but not before having obtained a few tips from the experts to guarantee you bag the best bargains. First and foremost, remember that discounts are only applied to collections already on sale at shops and not, unfortunately, to new in-store arrivals. Moreover, it’s important to bear in mind that discounts are not fixed, but vary from 5% to 70% depending on the individual policy of each shop.

Once you’ve chosen the shop, the hard part begins: make sure that the garments selected are the right size and don’t buy anything that you don’t love because the sales policy does not allow for changes of mind, meaning that you will not be entitled to change any item purchased, unless it happens to be defective.

A suggestion, pay attention to labels so that you know exactly what you’re getting and, if you want an insider tip, don’t only limit yourself to the shopping streets in the centre…if you avoid following the crowds, you’ll be able to take advantage of a much wider choice!