Rome gelato tour

In Rome, gelato is serious stuff. There are, indeed, plenty of gelaterie offering delicious ice creams to whet your appetite. Come follow us in our tour to discover the best galaterie in town.

Though the historical origins of gelato are still far away from being dated back, it is well acknowledged that this icy, creamy and nourishing food are set in Italy and, to be more precise in Florence.

Once prepared with only thin-chopped pieced of ice, milk and fruit, the modern gelato made by mixing milk, eggs and cream was invented by Bernardo Buontalenti – to which a special gelato flavour, the ‘Crema del Buontalenti’, is still named after – becoming one of the most appreciated desserts from the XV century. Today gelato is part of the daily life foodie tradition in Italy as it can be found everywhere in the various ‘gelaterie’ and is served on cones or small cups to be eaten on the go. Italians mostly consider gelato as the ideal afternoon snack or after-dinner treat but also associate it to a recreative moment to be shared with friends. The expression ‘andare a prendere un gelato’ – go eat an ice-cream – is one of the clearest examples of moments of conviviality.

Rome, for its part, boasts a very rich selection of ice cream parlours, perfect for all tastes. Our tour of the gelaterie in Rome starts at San Crispino, just a short distance from the Pantheon, which is famous for its peach and fresh fruit gelato. Apropos fruit gelato, Punto Gelato, close to the Jewish Ghetto, is a go-to stop for strawberry lovers. Their gelato is full in sugary-sweet flavour and features a creamy texture. Those who have a weakness for cantaloupe should plan a break at Gelateria dei Gracchi, close to Villa Borghese, where the succulent summer fruit is transformed into irresistible sweet creations. Conversely, if you’re looking for something a bit more on the tart side, opt for lemon gelato. Try this scrumptious flavour at Gelateria del Teatro, where the lemons used all come from the Amalfi coast and quality ingredients are the number one priority. lf you crave the tangy flavour of berries, a stop at Gelateria Tony is compulsory. Here wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are combined in an all-natural and low sugar ice cream. End your gourmet tour at Gelateria Fassi: il Palazzo del Freddo to enjoy a tasty gelato topped with cherries or “sampietrini”, little squares of gelato coated in chocolate that are meant to resemble Rome’s cobblestones.