7 Must-see masterpieces in Rome (and where to find them)

Rome and the Vatican are so full of art that it’s almost overwhelming for a tourist to decide what to see. To help you better enjoy the incredible masterpieces the city has to offer, here is a short list of the absolutely unmissable art pieces, and their location:

Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne in the Borghese Gallery – this life-sized marble statue features the greek myth of Apollo trying to capture Daphne. The woman, to avoid this fate, transforms into a laurel tree.

Caravaggio’s paintings in the Contarelli Chapel – truth be told, Caravaggio’s works are dotted all around Rome, but the Contarelli Chapel in the Church of St. Louis of the French is worth visiting because it contains three of his paintings together.

The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museums – the ultimate Michelangelo masterpiece is certainly an unmissable stop for any tourist coming to Rome.

The Gallery of Mirrors in the Doria Pamphilj Palace – this gallery of mirrors features 18th century frescoes, marble statues, and golden decorations. It’s like a mini-Versailles within Rome!

Bernini’s Ectasy of Saint Theresa in the Church of Saint Mary of Victory – this high Roman Baroque masterpiece is admired for both the sculpure and the architecture work.

Michelangelo’s Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica – The Pietà is considered one of the most moving depictions of grief in all of art, featuring a young Virgin Mary cradling the lifeless body of Christ.

Raphael’s frescoes in Villa Farnesina – this perhaps not so popular museum hosts some of the best frescoes of Raphael, commissioned to him by Pope Julius II. Raphael’s best-known works are held in the Vatican Museums.

Obviously these are just few of the countless works of art that you’ll find in Rome. Basically every corner hides an incredible masterpiece, you just have to pay attention and find it!