Thursday, June 20, 2024
Thursday, June 20, 2024

Milan’s green areas

Unlike other big cities, Milan doesn’t have its own “Central Park” or a single huge green area. Instead, the city boasts more than 80 public gardens. Here are our best picks if you want to enjoy a nice stroll on a sunny day:

Parco Sempione, near the Sforza Castle, is by far the most favourite Milanese public garden. It was created in 1888 in response to the increasing urbanization of the city. The park – with its British-style jogging tracks, green lawns and romantic bridges – is the perfect place to relax or do some outdoor activities.

The public gardens Indro Montanelli were designed in 1786 and boast wonderful geometric flower beds and wide paths. The gardens host the Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium.

Other small gardens can be found at the Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte, described in the past as the “Royal villa of Milan”.

Parco Giovanni Paolo II is also worth mentioning: the park was previously known as the “Parco delle Basiliche” (Basilicas’ Park), because it’s located between two ancient basilicas. This green area is a favourite meeting point for young people, also thanks to its proximity to the fashionable Porta Ticinese area.

The Guastalla gardens, although small, are a little architectural gem located near the city university La Statale. In addition to its Baroque swimming pool, the gardens are rich of age-old trees.

A bit far from the city center you can find the Monte Stella, also known as the “little mountain of San Siro”. In fact, not far from the world-known stadium, there’s a green hill built on a pile of rubble from the bombings of WW2.

Obviously these are just few of the countless Milanese parks, make sure to visit some!