Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Wednesday, June 19, 2024

2022: Carnival returns to Venice!

This year (more than ever) it will be to be lived in joy, to discover what wonderful costumes have been prepared in the long time we stayed at home. It will be an opportunity to have fun discovering the most hidden corners and traditions of a city that is still alive, where time has stopped…
As in the tradition, when after the great epidemics we gave ourselves to the festivities, the Carnival of Venice in 2022 will be the event to celebrate the end of the pandemic. It will be a slightly different Carnival, because the anti-Covid regulations have affected the programs to avoid large gatherings, but at the same time the party will be spread in the “campi” (small squares) and even in the most discreet “calli” (Venetian streets): no secret will be hidden from you!

The party conquers the “campi”
Piazza San Marco will be an extraordinary photo area: hundreds of masks of all types and colors, phantasmagorical costumes worn with coquetry by people who have worked for an entire year to make them. Everyone walks around to show off and have their picture taken in the most beautiful square in the world. They will joke with you, challenging you to discover who is hiding under the mask. Don’t back out: it’s Carnival!
But don’t stop there: in the heart of the city there are another seven “campi” to discover with parties, juggling shows, animations and cheerful masquerades.

Discover the real “sweet secrets” of Carnival
In addition to the masks, in Venice sweets are in fact the other protagonists of the tradition: frittelle, galani and many other delicacies, all different depending on the pastry shop! Each pastry chef jealously guards his recipe, so you just have to try them all to discover your favorite dessert: frittella with raisins, with cream, with zabaglione, with a hole in the middle or without a hole, or in a thousand other shapes and flavors to discover…

 What are you waiting for? We are waiting for you to celebrate together!