Saturday, May 25, 2024
Saturday, May 25, 2024


Welcome to Italia Network is a network of companies that brings together: Proedi Comunicazione srl, the national leader in tourism communication; Vox Group, a company specialising in providing technological support to the tourism market and the main tour operators of the most important national tourism areas.

The objective of Welcome to Italia Network is to promote the Italian tourist heritage at national and international level thanks to an online platform that combines authoritative and selected tourist information with the sale of high-quality experiences.

Technical partner of the network is Regiondo GmbH – Italian Branch, a company specialized in the field of online booking of tours and experiences.

The objectives of Welcome to Italia Network

Creating Desire

Emotionally involving the “Lovers of Italy” by telling of the endless Italian excellences

Avoiding the anxiety of choice

Guiding the user to conscious purchase thanks to selected tourist content

Guaranteeing quality

To offer locally-developed and quality-verified tourist experiences

Putting our face on it

Guarantee an after-sales service managed locally by the producers of the experience themselves.


Milan - Veditalia

Rome - Touristation

From left: Erika Wallin - manager and Raffaella Scarano - CEO.

From left: Valeria Maggio - front office manager; Stefania Cambio - front office manager; Raffaella Scarano - CEO and Jessica Aversa - general coordinator

From left: Adalgisa Menichelli - general coordinator and Raffalla Scarano - CEO.

From left: Adalgisa Menichelli - general coordinator; Sara Broglio - manager; Raffalla Scarano - CEO and Elisabetta Marucci - front office manager.

From left: Lucrezia Bravo - manager and Giulia Pigliacelli - manager.

From left: Valeria Maggio - front office manager; Lucrezia Bravo - manager and Lorenza Gomma - manager.

Vox Tours

The Vox Tours team at TTG Tourism Fair

From top left: Elio Epifani - President; Fabio Primerano - CEO; Francesco Epifani - Project Manager; Giuliana Tredici - Business Develpoment Executive

Florence - Artviva