Museo Teatrale alla Scala, the foyer of Milan’s music

Museo Teatrale alla Scala
Museo Teatrale alla Scala
Lying adjacent to the Teatro alla Scala – in Largo Ghiringhelli – are two important institutional bodies associated with the theatre that attract tourists and opera lovers from all over the world.

On the one hand there is the Museo Teatrale alla Scala, which is open daily and hosts a rich collection of costumes, sketches, letters from composers, signed scores, old musical instruments and a library housing more than 45.000 books.

Don’t miss the rooms dedicated to Arturo Toscanini (the conductor and innovator of the modern Scala), to Eleonora Duse (the restless protagonist of the Italian stage), to Giacomo Puccini, the new man of the Italian opera who wrote the pieces “Edgar”, “Madama Butterfly”, and “Turandot”, and the rooms dedicated to Maria Callas, an unforgettable voice of the twentieth century.

A few steps from the museum you can find the La Scala Shop, which also sells CDs, DVDs, books and official theatre merchandise online. The shop is open daily from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm and, during La Scala events, until the end of the show (for current spectators only).

All theatre lovers can’t surely miss on these two stops!