Venice Carnival Treasure Hunt (from Saint Mark’s area)

Carnival treasure hunt game Discover Venetian hidden secrets with a the carnival treasure hunt!

Get 1 beautiful Carnival mask to personalize with local artists. By Venice Tours

  • The Venice game to discover the secrets and tales of the Carnival
  • Find your mask and paint it with a local artist
  • Amazing treasure hunt throughout hidden spots of Venice

Try a Carnival treasure hunt in Venice to uncover the city’s hidden treasures by playing. A fantastic route, at the discovery of Venice’s secrets and its famous Carnival.

You’ll be given a map to start you on the treasure hunt, but that’s not all: after downloading the App on your phone, this will become your compass and your personal automatic storyteller, recounting the secrets of the city and of this festive period.

The game will take you across the city, leading you into unexplored corners and panoramic views.Through impressive squares, among which Campo Manin, Campo Santo Stefano, and Campo Sant’Anzolo.These are not squares, as the word “campo” actually means “field”.Then, the ancient Calle degli Assassini. Across the ponte delle Ostreghe, a bridge which is a testament to Venice’s ancestral fishing tradition. And, of course, the churches. Most have incredible anecdotes to tell and sometimes even scandals.

The church of san Maurizio, not so scandalous, does however host a great collection of musical instruments. Venice is after all the city of music.

During the hunt, you’ll have to take a picture of at least 3 points highlighted on the map. In the end, the treasure will be yours, a Venetian white mask just to be painted by your own. A professional mask- pinter will happily give some suggestions to decorate and personalize it in a wonderful Venetian Palace, the 1500 Doge’s prisons palace!Spectacular location in Doge’s Palace Prison’s Palace

The ending location, guarding your treasure, worth your special attention. Everybody know or have ever heard about Casanova, right? Thus, according to many Venetian legends Casanova in flesh in blood was imprisoned in this historic Palace, which is part of the Doge’s Palace. The two buildings are connected through the well known Bridge of Sighs.

Only imagine the atmophere to paint your mask here!

  • Programme

At the meeting point, you’ll receive from our staff the map to look for your treasure and you’ll download the App on your phone: this will be the compass guiding you and the voice tell you stories along the way. On the map, you will see 4 hidden places to take a picture of.

You will have to show a picture for at least 3 of the places to the mask-painter to take your treasure. At the ending point, in St Mark’s square 1500 Doge’s prisons palace, get inside to get your treasure, a white Venetian mask, you’ll paint it in a dedicated area with suggestions of a professional painter.


  • Map of the city
  • Mobile App
  • 1 Carnival Mask
  • 20 minutes of workshop with famous artist

Other Info

  • Meeting point: Venice Tours Assistance Point. Calle Larga ascension 1257. St. Mark's Square
  • The digital audio guide will be downloaded on your mobile phone.
  • Maximum 15 pax per activity
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