Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery – A Private Tour

The Original & Best Uffizi Gallery Tour with the best guides in Florence!

Ours is the only guided visit that covers both levels of the iconic Uffizi Gallery, giving you the best view of art’s greatest masterpieces. As featured in a BBC World documentary with Michael Palin, it offers easy access to the world-famous art museum.

  • Easy access to the Gallery
  • The most famous artworks
  • The best guides

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio -- their names alone seem to carry the weight of Italian art history. But it’s not until you stand before the Italian Masters’ priceless creations that you truly appreciate the sheer genius of their work. Let one of ArtViva’s expert guides unveil the power and beauty of the world’s best known paintings and sculptures, sharing their in-depth knowledge and passion during this lively journey through the Uffizi Gallery.

This tour covers all the museum’s major rooms and grandiose halls, and includes streamlined skip-the-line entrance and pre-reserved tickets. Get inside quickly and get up close and personal with the Italian Renaissance Masters!

Highlights of the Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour include:

Run by the only company recommended by just about every major travel guide, including Rick Steves

Avoid waiting hours in the queue with this quick, pre-reserved, skip the line entry

Gain understanding of the most famous artworks by Italian master artists

Enjoy a fascinating and exclusive introduction to Renaissance art with great stories about the artists that changed art forever Experience the flowering of Leonardo Da Vinci's genius, find out how Michelangelo out-smarted a famous skinflint and hear about the mysterious and stunning models in paintings like Botticelli's "Birth of Venus"

Learn about techniques that will change the way you look at art

Explore more of the Gallery to include the must-sees of Titian, Raphael, Bronzino and Caravaggio plus many more, as our expert guides' knowledge and personality truly bring the artworks to lifeEasy access to the Gallery, the most famous artworks,the best guidesEnjoy actually understanding the masterpieces in this world-famous Museum with great stories about the artists that changed art forever.

Find out how Michelangelo out-smarted a famous skinflint. Hear about the mysterious and stunningly beautiful models in paintings like Botticelli’s famous “Birth of Venus”.

Experience the flowering of Leonardo Da Vinci’s creative genius. Listen to techniques that will change the way you look at art. Hear why these famous artworks and the gallery were created. All this and more when you discover the highlights of the Uffizi Gallery with our fascinating & exclusive introduction to Renaissance art & famous artists.


Guided tour and all tickets and reservation fees. Headsets used when required. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS on this tour as ticket reservation and entry fee to the Museum are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. We must reserve museum tickets in advance of your tour date, incurring reservation costs. As such, a rebooking fee may be incurred should you wish to change dates.


From 4 to 15 adults

Customer Requirements

All persons under 17 must present valid ID showing date of birth for entry into museums or full adult price will be charged.

Other Info

Weather: This tour runs rains or shine

Security and restricted items: Due to increased security, some delays in entry are to be expected. We do in any case offer the quickest possibly entry.

Museum regulations do not permit backpacks or baggage and there is no convenient storage facility. Please bring only shoulder bags. No 'selfie sticks' or long umbrellas allowed. The Uffizi museum further requests, "to get you through security faster, we'd be grateful if you could bring as few bags with you as possible, and try to put all the metal items you're carrying in a single container before going through the metal detector. Thank you."

Museum regulations: It is strictly forbidden to touch the artworks; to lean on the bases of sculptures or on the walls; to smoke; to throw chewing gum on the floor; to eat or drink; to sit on the floor or on the protective railings; to speak in a loud voice; to disturb other visitors; to use laser pointers; to behave in an unseemly manner detrimental to the dignity of the museum; to bring backpacks or long umbrellas; to use mobile (cell) phones; and, to use selfie-sticks. Photography and filming are allowed only without the use of flash, lighting or tripods, and only for personal rather than commercial use.

Unavailablity: The Uffizi Gallery is closed on Mondays, and on 1st May. We can no longer run our Uffizi tours on the first Sunday of each month as museum entry is free and they do not accept reservations for those days, meaning we cannot guarantee entry times. The museum reserves the right to modify or exclude at their discretion certain artworks for reasons of restauration and the like. Whereby an artwork we normally would include in the tour is not visible, an alternative piece will be featured instead.

Skip-the-line entry: Artviva makes reservations up to 12 months in advance to skip the ticket purchasing and reserved ticket retrieval queues. Even with reservations, there is still a compulsory security check which may cause some delays in entering the museum. We guarantee that in spite of any eventual hold up, our tour guides ensure all aspects of our museum tour are covered. Please note that all tour companies offering "Skip the Line" tickets need to go through exactly the same security requirments. Itinerary: Artviva The Original & Best Walking Tours reserves the right to make adjustments to the tour itinerary and its inclusions in accordance with any unforeseen events, including but not limited to site closures, personnel strikes that are common in Italy, museum display modifications and room closures, weather conditions, public events and other circumstances beyond the control of Artviva Tours.

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