Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The landscape in Tuscany, Italy Welcome to Italy. Message from the most beautiful country in the world Piazza di Spagna Piazza di Spagna, the set of Roman Holiday Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Galleria, the “living room” of the Milanese Michelangelo's David (c) Shutterstock. com / Isogood_patrick Galleria dell’Accademia, all mad about David Ponte di Rialto Discovering the Rialto district

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The masserie in Apulia: a stay in history

Emblem of the rural civilization, intimately connected to the history of the Apulian territory, today masserie have been transformed into charming homes, to experience the most authentic Apulia and to immerse oneself in its food and wine culture. Anyone who is about to book a vacation in Apulia, or is reading some article about this wonderful region, will inevitably find a picture of a masseria. But...

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The cave houses: a plunge into Italy’s rural past

There were hundreds of houses in Matera, dug into the rock that housed, often in a few square meters, large families and animals. The cave dwellings are a piece of memory and an important part of the city's identity. At the end of the 1500s, historian Eustachio Verricelli defined Matera as "a healthy and well-protected city," a true masterpiece of urban planning, including hanging gardens and...

Val di Noto, in the heart of Baroque

Among sumptuous palaces, ornate churches, stone architecture and mazes of narrow streets, the cities of Val di Noto enchant for their baroque wonders, enclosed...

Borromean Islands, the ‘pearls’ of the lake

Located just an hour’s drive from Milan, the Piedmontese side of Lake Maggiore reveals several of its treasures, including the Borromean Islands. A single itinerary...